The CaseAware® Suite consists of CaseAware® Manage and CaseAware® Integrate. CaseAware® Manage is a complete Case Management System that includes a dynamic workflow engine, built-in Fee and Cost forecasting, and integrated Document Generation, Storage & Retrieval. CaseAware ® Integrate provides automated, two-way transmission of data between a law firm’s Case Management/Accounting systems and the prevalent Default Services industry middleware platforms: Countrywide®, Lenstar®, NewTrak®, VendorScape®, iClear® and NewInvoice®.
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Service-Complete® is a cost-effective Service of Process management system that enables Firms to enter requests for service into the system and be assured that our high quality network of Process Servers will quickly and reliably complete your requests.
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TitleClaim is a web-based national data warehouse for origination title data to ensure ease of recovery of title data and documentation from origination, which is centralized and reliable.
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