Service-Complete® is a cost-effective Service of Process management system that enables Firms to enter requests for service into the system and be assured that our high quality network of Process Servers will quickly and reliably complete your requests. The system is highly secured so that only you and the Server have access to the confidential information often times associated with your service requests.

    The system is highly configurable and includes:
  1. Easy to use interface that is available from any Internet connection
  2. Designation of defaults for your Firm by jurisdiction
  3. Automated Return of Service document preparation by Jurisdiction
  4. Automated email notification (status changes, etc.)
  5. Automated invoice generation and delivery
  6. XML Interfaces to the Firms for Request creation, status inquiry, and completion information

Because of our extensive Server network, you no longer have to spend your valuable time trying to find someone able to Serve your papers in remote or distant jurisdictions. With Service-Complete®, you simply load in the request, and we handle the rest!

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